Soft Seeded Angel Red Pomegranate

Harvest September 2000 Angel Red Pomegranate & Greg SmithAs a farmer and former packing house owner, when I first discovered Angel Red® Pomegranate, I saw a unique opportunity, based on it’s attributes of soft seeds, bright red color, it’s earliness to market and it’s tartness in flavor for the American palate. With the current emphasis on anti-oxidants and the juice market, Angel Red® has the potential to be the pomegranate of choice for the fresh as well as well as the ready to use, ‘clam shell aril’ market. Photos to the right and below show Harvest Time in September 2000.

photoMy objective is to put together a team of growers, farmers, packers and marketers committed to making Angel Red® the pomegranate of choice as well as maintaining a profitable return on investment for all team members. The components of branding are in place as I’ve patented the plant, copyrighted both the name and the artwork and have just recently completed the DNA mapping of not only Angel Red®, but Wonderful, Early Foothill, Granada and Early Wonderful as well. Angel Red® is truly unique and the DNA proves it!

Ripens early - ready for harvest in September.Early maturity is shown in the photo at the right -- taken the 3rd week of July, 2007. As of October 2008, we have planted approximately 800 acres. The first commercial crop will be harvested in 2010. As you can see, we have just begun to put the team together. If you would like more information, check out the Contact Us page! -- Thanks for your interest, Greg Smith

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